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White vinyl with insert, limited to 300 copies


'Ave Maria II' is the direct sequel to the original 'Ave Maria' from Déhà's older side project, Yhdarl. As time went on, Yhdarl was not suited anymore to fit this better produced masterpiece of ultra emotional funeral doom metal. Under his own name, Déhà got together with fantastic soprano Madicken De Vries to offer the world what he considers his best work to date in his career. A man showing his mother and her symbolic (celestial or not) beings what the world truly is, and how she did not prevent such downfall.

Crushing, vocal-driven funeral doom metal with the biggest heart-rending emotional screams you'll ever hear, "Ave Maria II" is not for everyone : it will make you dig your own hole until you consider it as your only home, until any ray of light blinds you.

DÉHÀ - Ave Maria (LP White)

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