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New album, 200 copies on digipack CD.


"The Illusion of Reach" is what we secretly want Déhà to do : high quality depressive (black) metal, with these post-rock influences making you unaware if you'll be digging more until you're in your grave, or being lifted higher that clouds in the sky.


For fans of his series "A Fleur de Peau" for sure, but also for those who understood the "oldschool" dsbm (Hypothermia, Trist) done just with the right amount of dirt and polished production, this +60 minutes of 'losing yourself' album is the perfect soundtrack for any kind of situation where you just need raw emotion, harsh soul meditation, and a way to open doors to exit your mental comfort zone, so you can think and overthink.

DÉHÀ - The Illusion of Reach (CD Digipack)

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