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FELGRAVE is a solo doom-death project from Norway in which M.L. Jupe writes and performs everything. M.L. Jupe was previously based in Australia and released black metal under the Dead Hills name, but now he has gone south in terms of music and dampness with FELGRAVE’s debut album, A Waning Light.

Massive in every sense of the word, A Waning Light, comprises four double-digit tracks and one acoustic interlude for a grand total of 50 minutes of pure doom-death majesty & misery. Crushing bones as ably as it crushes dreams, FELGRAVE never forgets the second part of the doom-DEATH equation, nodding reverentially to the legendary likes of Evoken and Morgion and yet taking plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Of them, slithering/slipstreaming speed fucks with the listener’s perceptions, while the gutted-yet-grandiose guitar sound is a behemoth to behold, layered as it is with atmospheric FX. To experience A Waning Light is indeed akin to the extinguishing of the sun…and of life itself.

With form matching content, A Waning Light features majestically moody cover artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski, who’s renown for working with the likes of Bell Witch, Atlantean Kodex, Sepulcher, Jupiterian, and many more. There’s no hope on the horizon – only FELGRAVE! 

FELGRAVE - A Waning Light (CD Jewel Case)


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