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Available as black or clear/splatter vinyl.


"Hela´s new opus “Vegvísir”, that takes the name of the viking compass, is their 3rd LP (4th studio work) and the first one with vocalist Ayla Mae Coghlan. We must take the album name as a metaphor of the constant evolution of the band, finding their own way in the search of the perfect blend of melancholy and heaviness, melodies and darkness.

Been driven by a brilliant rhythm section of drums and bass, the guitars create the landscapes, sometimes beautiful-sometimes eerie, and the keys add the ethereal touch; but among everything shines Ayla´s voice, being the “banshee”who verbalizes lyrics of angst, sadness and pain."

Highly recommended for fans of the Gathering, Anathema, (mid) Katatonia or Neurosis.

HELA - Vegvísir (LP)

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