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The new work of the Spanish group continues the line started with the previous album «Forthcoming Displeasures», presentingmelodic and diverse material combining the heaviness and lyricism. Mourning and melancholy piercing the music and clean vocals diluted with mournful growl go far beyond the frames of doom / gothic metal, touching the strings of heart of any fan ofdark and emotional music. Melodicism, atmosphere and sadness joined together in «Compassion Forlorn» in order to re-fill the world with the unique magic of Helevorn. 


1 The Inner Crumble 
2 Burden Me 
3 Looters 
4 Unified 
5 Delusive Eyes 
6 I Am To Blame 
7 Reason Dies Last 
8 Els Dies Tranquils

HELEVORN - Compassion Forlorn (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: BMM. 069-14