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Exquisite gatefold vinyl with gorgeous art and textured sleeve. First pressing on deep sea blue vinyl.
Includes the Ice Fleet tabletop role playing 40 page perfect bound.


Ice Fleet RPG book: 40 Page RPG Tabletop Roleplaying Adventure


1930. Northern coast of the USSR. A geological survey team discovered a flotilla trapped in ice and dared to step aboard. It was a terrible mistake.

Based on an incredible yet untold story, Ice Fleet will grab you with its cold fingers from the very first moments of the journey. No one is welcome in this dark and mysterious world of permafrost, unsolvable riddles, secrets and death. You are no exception.

Ice Fleet is a tabletop RPG adventure/module based on Into the Odd rules.

- A unique combination of game and music album that aims to bring your play experience to a completely new level of immersion.
- Simple rules and Referee Advices for you to jump right into the game.
- Fast character generation with all kinds of start equipment packages.
- A whole mysterious derelict steamship with a detailed map and illustration of almost every room
- Five strange artefacts, powerful but tricky!
- Fearsome beast with its own strategy and brutal appearance
- Dozen of intriguing NPC with a unique stance and desire to throw into your game.
- Tools, hooks and locations that will help you to move on your story in deadly permafrost after finishing the original events.

KAUAN - Ice Fleet (LP with Tabletop Role Playing Book)

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