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The third album "Terrene" from international death/funeral doom act Mesmur is a colossal and moving sonic rendering of a dying world. Where their 2017 album S operated on a cosmic scale, Terrene explores similar themes of entropy and impending chaos in a more terrestrial context, and is rife with the suffocating dirges and toxic atmosphere the band is known for. Featuring guest flute and cello performances by Don Zaros of Evoken and the Russian Nadia Avanesova, and another stunning cover design by Ukranian painter Cadaversky, Terrene reaches new levels of scope and ambition for Mesmur in their objective to create a vast and immersive doom metal experience.


1 Terra Ishtar 16:51
2 Babylon 11:52
3 Eschaton 12:59
4 Caverns Of Edimmu 13:11

MESMUR - Terrene (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 149-19

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