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With a fresh serving of sombre mood and Italian passion, Novembre, the pioneers of the atmospheric metal scene, emerged from the ashes of their more doom-inspired past and carved their own trail of melancholic yet soaring, emotional metal and rock. The vocal presence of Carmelo Orlando captivating the listener with passages sung in English and also their native Italian. The album also includes a unique rendition of the track The Promise by Arcadia (a Duran Duran side project).


Materia was recorded throughout 2004 and 2005 at the band's own Outer Sound Studios, with final mixing completed at Finnvox Studios (Nightwish, Moonsorrow).


The seeds of Novembre were originally planted in September 1990 in Rome, Italy. Then known as Catacomb, their early recordings of unusual gothic doom metal were to quickly gain the band interest. It was around 1993 that the band decided that a name change was in order, and Novembre was born, evolving into one of the premiere European atmospheric doom bands.


Released on Double 180g vinyl in a sleeve, this is the first time the album has been released on the format.

NOVEMBRE - Materia (2LP)

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