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The debut album of a young Swedish band Nox Aurea is specially created for those ones seeking for combination of aesthetic sophistication with solid sound and deep sense in doom death metal. “Via Gnosis” album is close in musical sense to the early works of Swallow the Sun being pierced by the gnostic philosophy veil and creating a unique atmosphere.


Members of Nox Aurea earlier played in several black metal bands while now they try to create the very traditional doom death sound with its own mentality. Nine album tracks based on atmospheric keyboard sound are opened up before a listener as the pages of ancient book carrying esoteric wisdom in lyrics sung by vocals varying from growling to clean male and female vocals.

The album was recorded and mastered at Sonic Train Studios, in collaboration with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond)!

NOX AUREA - Via Gnosis (CD Digipack)

SKU: SP.030-09D

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