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A brilliant debut album from a duet originating from the very heart of Bulgaria - Sofia! Obsidian Sea suddenly appeared at the world doom scene with mature work satisfying all canons of traditional doom metal. At «Between Two Desert» the musicians cultivate powerful epic riffs as if they grow a massive tree having its roots into works of Garden Of Worm, Great Coven, Dawn of Winter and other representatives of the genre, a solid basement of doom metal style.


1 At The Temple Doors 6:50
2 Mountain Womb 5:18
3 The Seraph 5:02
4 Impure Days 5:51
5 Curse Of The Watcher 4:52
6 Absence Of Faith 4:24
7 Second Birth 6:32
8 Beneath 7:20
9 Flaming Sword 9:11

OBSIDIAN SEA - Between Two Deserts (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 058-12

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