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Paradise Lost formed in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1988 & are known for being the founders of the Gothic Death/Doom Metal genre; a style fully brought into existence with their genre-defining second album, the highly influential Gothic.


Lost Paradise was the band's debut album, released in 1990 & one of the early highlights in the formative years of Peaceville. Featuring more death metal influences, Paradise Lost created a dark & atmospheric style of brutal death metal, as opposed to one based on speed. The album was recorded at Academy Studios (My Dying Bride, Anathema, Cradle of Filth) in Yorkshire, England.


This edition of Lost Paradise is presented on 180gm heavyweight black vinyl.




Side A

1. Intro 

2. Deadly Inner Sense 

3. Paradise Lost 

4. Our Saviour 

5. Rotting Misery 


Side B

1. Frozen Illusion 

2. Breeding Fear 

3. Lost Paradise 

4. Internal Torment II

PARADISE LOST - Lost Paradise (LP)

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