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A debut album of a Russian band Septic Mind. They presented themselves to the audience at Moscow Doom Festival V, performing at the same stage with Esoteric, Pantheist and Jack Frost, and attracting attention of the fans of the genre. Being followers of Esoteric the musicians evolve from traditional funeral doom to different experiments. Septic Mind have remastered their demo record providing really extreme sound progressing from powerful guitar riffs through noise effects to atmospheric keyboard interludes reflecting the mail concept of the album, the coldness and infinity of cosmos.


1 Начало = The Beginning 20:47
2 Уводящий = The Misleading 18:04
3 Покинувшие Mир = The Ones Who Left This World 21:57

SEPTIC MIND - The Beginning (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 040-10

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