Release of EVNAR

We can finally announce our first release coming up next May. EVNAR , the band formed by Roman (vocals) and JM (guitars) from BETWEEN THE FROST in early 90s and taken up in 2010 after Roman left this band, will be the first on our roster.

For this album, they join forces with Slovenian drummer Robert Kovačič, known for his work with bands such as Nothnegal, Belphegor or Supreme Pain, alongside being live drum technician for 1349, Unleashed, Soffocation, Nile and dozens more.

The album is entitled under the band´s name "E.V.N.A.R." mastered at Necromorbus Studio with exclusive vinyl master by Tore Stjerna. Eight tracks of Blackened Death Metal that will put the band into the international extreme metal orbit.

Full details on this edition, track premiere and preorders soon.