Clouds "Departe" to be released by The Vinyl Division in early 2017

We are honoured to announce our second release due out early next year. The vinyl version of the sophomore album by doom masters Clouds.

Started off as a solo project by Daniel Neagoe (Eye Of Solitude, Shape Of Despair), Clouds as a concept and band was born in early 2014 preceded by the loss of a close family member which triggered the band's ideology and approach. There is nothing planned in the whole happening, Clouds is just music made of feelings that the loss of a loved person would result.

Clouds has seen its sole entity enlarged by the joining of Jarno Salomaa (Shape Of Despair), Mark Antoniades (Eye Of Solitude), Deha (Imber Luminis), Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist) and joined by two monstrous vocalists in the doom scene, Pim Blankenstein (Officium Triste) and Jon Aldara (Hamferd, Barren Earth).

In this formula, Clouds released the first album "Doliu" which saw an immediate and unexpected reaction from both media and the public. It has seen four represses with immediate sales pointing towards a sold out status with a constant request for more.

Later on in 2016 "Departe", the second full length has been released and has seen then same success as its predecessor, including also guest musicians like Shaun MacGowan (My Dying Bride) and Natalie Koskinen (Shape Of Despair).

Daniel Neagoe tells about the album "It is the second album after initially my thoughts were against it. I wanted to release one album and that's it. Clouds was supposed to be a one album band. However, the grief is not gone, I miss too much and that'll never go away.

There is something special in the simplicity of these songs, a truth and an honesty that I don't really know how to describe and no one will ever understand what I feel when I'm writing for this project. There is a certain honesty in letting loose those feelings. It's cathartic and true.

Someone managed to identify the meaning behind these 2 albums and they were right, Departe is a natural continuation of Doliu, it picks up where Doliu left on and there will certainly be a continuation of Departe. And yes this will be a trilogy."

"Departe" will be released as double LP by The Vinyl Division in early 2017. Preorders and full details to be up next week.