The 3rd And The Mortal, "Sorrow" vinyl EP out June 14th.

The third June release by The Vinyl Division is the never seen on vinyl before version of Sorrow, the 1993 EP of the Norwegian purveyors of most incredible atmospheric doom metal music, The 3rd And The Mortal.

Sorrow is released alongside with Spanish label Alone Records (who is putting out their first three albums on vinyl too), and was the first official studio effort of a band destined to become one of the essential pillars upon which doom metal was built, with frontwoman Kari Rueslåtten being one of the early female voices in metal music.

3rd and the mortal sorrow vinyl

Sorrow is due out next June 14th as 12"EP on standard black vinyl and a limited run of 100 copies on transparent red vinyl, only available through the label´ webstore.

Preorders at reduced price and bundles including all our new releases will be available in early April. Stay alert for news as they will be extremely limited.