Throes of Dawn "Our Voices Shall Remain" 2LP release

We are proud to announce the Finnish titans of dark prog metal Throes of Dawn will see their last studio album Our Voices Shall Remain released on vinyl this late 2017 through The Vinyl Division.

Founded in 1994 by Henri Koivula and Jani Heinola, the band cut their teeth in the early 90´s death and black metal. Combining elements from variable sources, the band has always had a taste for atmosphere, catchy melodies and good songwriting. Despite having their roots in metal, they have slowly evolved their sound into a very expressive, progressive and melancholic form of art.

After the debut album Pakkasherra (1997), the band started to fuse more folkish and cleaner tones into their music that, at the time, could be described as dark metal. Dreams of the Black Earth (1999) and Binding of the Spirit (2000) showed the band moving towards warmer and broader soundscapes.

After a small hiatus, the band re-grouped with fresh line-up and the fourth album Quicksilver Clouds (2004), continued the Throes of Dawn saga with more pronounced progressive elements. The new lead guitarist, Juha Ylikoski, and bass player, Harri Huhtala, gave a fresh new vibe to the band´s sound. The fifth album Great Fleet of Echoes (2010) pushed the band further in their musical endeavor, giving more room for clean vocals and experimentation

While promoting the new album with several live shows, the band reinforced its line-up with a keyboard player, Henri Andersson. And soon after a new drummer, Juuso Backman, took over the drummer´s position. The outlines of the new album started to emerge from the countless long sessions at the rehearsal place.

Ambitious and bold, the sixth album Our Voices Shall Remain (2016) presents Throes of Dawn at their best: The slowly building hypnotic atmospheres and the long meandering songs make the album truly engaging and rewarding experience.

“This is the album that we have always wanted to make.” Says vocalist Henri Koivula, “We finally had the means and skills to realize it.”

Our Voices Shall Remain will be released as double LP in gatefold cover, being this the very first time one of the band´s six full length albums has vinyl treatment, with new and revamped artwork by the renowned musician and visual artist Costin Chioreanu. More details to follow soon.