DRONTHEIM - Down Below (LP preorder)

Born from an idea by Norwegian guitarist -viNd- during a hiatus in his other bands (Manes and Atrox), a group of comrades that he knew had the live and studio experience needed to get this group off its feet were recruited, and thus Drontheim was established.

Drontheim plays music on the edge between post-rock and alternative metal, infused with large amounts of atmospheric and cinematic passages. Sometimes distorted and strict, and other times dark and emotional. Members of Drontheim is, or has been involved with bands like Manes, Atrox, Khonsu, Bloodthorn and more.


Down Below is their debut album after a handful of earlier digital singles and music videos like "Deadlight" or "3 Lovløse Dager". The album is presented on single vinyl with printed inner sleeve plus A3 size poster, limited to 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 blue vinyl pressings. Preorders start Tuesday January 10th at our webshop. Official release date scheduled for February 22nd.