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Originally formed in Santiago (Chile) in year 2000 by guitarist Rodrigo Morris, bassist Rodrigo Gálvez and vocalist Marcelo Rodríguez, later joined by guitarist Sergio Álvarez and drummer Alejandro Arce, Mar de Grises can be considered one of the most respected doom/death metal acts ever emerged from South America. Admired by newcomers and beloved by experts, the quintet released their first full length "The Tatterdemalion Express" in 2004 via Firebox Records, the label to be at the time. After their first European tour and having Juan Escobar as new frontman, the band started the recording for "Draining the Waterheart" (2008, Firebox).

Never playing by the genre´s rules, these two seminal albums made them sign a deal with the most respected French label Season of Mist for their 2010 third album "Stream Inwards". Three years later Mar de Grises put an end to their career never to come back.

Mar de Grises

This 2020 The Vinyl Division proudly releases both "The Tatterdemalion Express" and "Draining The Waterheart" on double gatefold vinyl (black or colored) with remastered vinyl audio by Jaime Gómez Arellano, know for his work with bands such as Paradise Lost, Ulver, Ghost...

An insert with detailed liner notes for each album written by the former band members plus fellow musicians and friends from all around the globe is included. The full story is conducted by the keen enthusiastic vinyl collector, musician (Eternal Storm), tour manager, promoter representative, all - rounder and sometimes philanthropist Daniel Maganto.

The revamped vinyl layout for both albums is the work of the Spanish photographer, designer and visual artist Irene Serrano (Déhà, Yossi Sassi, Helevorn, Jens Bogren, Rotting Christ, Devin Townsend, Pain of Salvation, etc.).

Vinyl and limited merch preorders are open for November 27th release at the following sites:

* The Vinyl Division (Spain | Europe | World)

* Mar de Grises webshop (orders in Chile only)

Furthermore, the digital albums are fully remastered by Jaime Gómez Arellano too and ready to stream/purchase/download at the following locations:

* Mar de Grises Bandcamp

* Mar de Grises Youtube Channel

* Spotify

Band statement on these releases:

"Hi there.

We hope that, wherever you are reading this, you've managed to stay positive through the crazy times we are living.

Some time ago David from the Spanish label The Vinyl Division contacted us to reissue our albums “The Tatterdemalion Express” and “Draining The Waterheart” on vinyl format. Focusing on that project has definitely made this complicated period more bearable for us. And now we are able to share the results with you: Our first vinyl edition, for which the audio has been remastered, and we have added texts (anecdotes, remembrances), as well as other surprises.

Listening ... again, with higher quality, and looking back on our history, has been invigorating and joyful. That energy has surely made its way onto the reworkings of designs and audios. We really hope you’ll enjoy it!

… Stay tuned ;)"

Marcelo Rodríguez & Mar de Grises.