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Until Death Overtakes Me's 2018 album contains over one hour of mournful funeral doom mixed with orchestral ambient. Missing, named after the song from Until Death Overtakes Me's earlier years, continues the story of that old epic. In four tracks the concepts of loss and being lost are explored.

There's the tragedy on a personal level, of searchers that fail, grow old and find no closure. Of the one lost, stuck in nothingness, wanting to be found. But tragedy grows, touches all, and the music becomes the soundtrack to the funeral of mankind. Empty tones drifting over the desolation, echoing through empty canyons. All the searchers have gone, all those missing are forgotten. There's no one left to remember, there's no hope left.
And when the proof and all remembrance of our existence is gone too, then have we truly been here at all? We're already missing.


SKU: dusk047

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