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Vidres A La Sang, the institution of Catalan and Catalan-language extreme metal, are back with Fragments De L’Esdevenir, a fifth opus that also marks the 20th anniversary of their foundation.

After their resounding return from ten years of inactivity with Set De Sang in 2018, singer and guitarist Eloi Boucherie (White Stones) decided to make the best of the pandemic to create the five songs that make up this album, and in his own words, we find ourselves before “Five snippets of the future through the prism of present times; reflection, introspection, complaint, and abhorrence of a society in ever-flowing decadence, but also a homage to the poetry and life chants of the immortal Catalan author Miquel Martí i Pol”.

To summarize, Vidres A La Sang in all its splendor, with compositions as only this pioneering band can offer, full of black metal, death, and once again resorting only to gutturals, where the most plain passages are dark, deep, and devastating, and the complex ones, more intricate than ever before in their impeccable career.


VIDRES A LA SANG - Fragments De L'Esdevenir (CD Jewel Case)

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