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Founded upon a passion for dark acoustic music and folklore, Wolcensmen began life in 2013. Dan Capp, a guitarist from England (who went on to join Black Metal band Winterfylleth) undertook the work of resurrecting old acoustic ideas he'd written since the late '90s, inspired largely by Scandinavian bands who had pioneered the inclusion of folk and neo-classical elements within their sound. Wolcensmen became the vehicle for expressing spiritual philosophies and a specific musical atmosphere.


A self-produced demo captured the imagination of underground music fans, and Dungeon Synth label Deivlforst Records assisted in making the demo available again after its limited initial run. In 2015 work began on the debut album, which was released in November of the following year by the name 'Songs from the Fyrgen'. The CD pressing sold out within six months and the album received widespread acclaim, with some quickly considering it a classic of the genre.


Strictly limited edition of 500 copies! An absolute mandatory purchase for fans of Ulver, Sol Invictus, Fire & Ice, Ildra, Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, Agalloch. 

- Dedicated mastering for vinyl format for less harsh sound compared to the CD, yet while maintaining the full dynamics of the album; 
- UV spot varnish on front, side and back
- Gold metallic print on front, side and back
- Reverseboard jacket with inside flooded in black
- Heavy cardboard art-print inlay sheet

WOLCENSMEN - Songs From The Fyrgen (LP)

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