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The third full-length album by the Portuguese doom metal band A Dream Of Poe completes the trilogy that began with the acclaimed album «The Mirror Of Deliverance». «A Waltz For Apophenia» serves as the final of the journey of self-discovery of the main lyrical character started at the debut full-length album. While in the two previous albums the character was facing mostly his inner fears, this time he is facing the real world he has to overcome. «A Waltz For Apophenia» is a mature doom-album that absorbed all the best from previous works of the band organically combining melodic clean vocals with growls. The dark heavy riffs, mournful melodies and furious guitar solos personify the loneliness of the Azores, the pain and suffering of their inhabitants living among the violence of volcanoes and other forces of nature. The most of musicians previously participated in the recording of the first two full-length albums by A Dream Of Poe appear among the guests at the «A Waltz For Apophenia»: Joao Melo (The Quiet Bottom), Antonio Neves (In Peccatum), Nelson Felix (Spank Lord, Sanctus Nosferatu ), Paulo Bettencourt (Morbid Death) and Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist). The 12-page booklet and the album cover crafted by Augusto Peixoto (Irondoomdesign) complement «A Waltz For Apophenia» to perfection.




I La Mort Blanche 6:30
II Abyss, My Lover 8:17
III Pareidolia 8:33
IV Vultos II (The Apotheosis Of Deliverance) 7:25
V Abyss, The Destroyer 7:45
VI The Voice Of Fire 6:33
VII A Valsa Dos Corvos 10:52
VIII World's End Close 6:20

A DREAM OF POE - A Waltz For Apophenia (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP121-16

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