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This is a side project of a black metal band Twilight is Mine from the suburbs of Moscow. Several musicians have been heard in a well known Moscowian funeral doom band Comatose Vigil. Those guys - Stellarghost (keys) and Hater (bass/guitars) began this project. Present Comatose Vigil vocalist took the vocal duties together with the drums in this project. The first full length album “Liquid Dimensions Change” brings you six tracks with the total length of 60 minutes. This is classic funeral – doom like it was meant to be. Thin of the bands as: Shape of Despair, Coliseum and of course the main band of the participating musicians – Comatose Vigil. At the same time the music is very versatile. You will find very sludgy and muddy parts combined with some beautiful melodies.


1 From Behind The Verge 9:00
2 To Kiss The Emptiness... 8:00
3 Ruined 9:39
4 Sarabanda 11:08
5 Apostasy 13:47
6 Liquid Dimensions Change 10:22

ABSTRACT SPIRIT - Liquid Dimensions Change (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 018-08

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