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Japanese ambient/industrial doom Begrabnis VS Australian avantgarde schizophrenic funeral doom Estrangement.

Begrabnis started as 4 piece doom band with real drummer. After their drummer left in 2012, they started to use drum machine and add some ambient/industrial elements and thelmin, which makes their music much more unique one. Their vocalist is female, but don't expect ethereal beautiful clean one. It's extremely horrific dark voices which reminds me of witch's curse.


Estrangement is one of the most unique band under the banner of “Funeral Doom”. They mix a lof of elements, classical music with violin, cello, flute, piano and classical guitar, furious black/thrash metal riffs, and of course slow dismal doom! The scene is changing rapidly which is really schizophrenic!


Both bands expand the horizon of the land of doom and it's time to conquer new frontier!


SKU: WT044

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