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"Where My Demise Dwells", an album by the Moscow duo Bewailer, contains seven pieces for the survival of human soul within the depths of its own darkness. The key theme of the tracks is how the lyrical hero slowly goes from fierce antagonism against the hopelessness of his destiny to cold numbness, in which he can only contemplate of own decay and indifference of the whole creation. Nevertheless, a bleak glimmer of hope appears near the end of the album, a subtle glow leading to regeneration (or final demise). Musically this album combines traditional Death-Doom melodies and vocal techniques with dismal atmosphere of the bottomless gloom, more common for the Funeral Doom sub-genre. Besides the usual rhythm, bass and lead guitars and drums, one may expect steady use of piano, synth pads and acoustic guitars. The vocal techniques include shrieks and low-pitched growls, with some addition of female clean vocals. Some of the bands that inspired Bewailer are Saturnus, My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth, Evoken, Voidhaven and Dolorian.


1 Thorngates 08:18
2 Endless Fall 06:09
3 Moonspires 07:24
4 An Old Remembrance 05:46
5 Silent Passenger 06:48
6 Nocturnal Sacrifice 07:02
7 Silver Lining 05:35

BEWAILER - Where My Demise Dwells (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 148-19

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