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The history of DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY began in Ostrava, an industrial town in the northeast of the Czech Republic, in 1991 first under the name BIGOTRY.  

The first demo called “Step To The Grave” was recorded by the quintet soon after the completion of the line-up. In April 1993 they headed to the Fors studio to immortalize three of their songs along with a short postlude “In Memory”. However, we still cannot talk about doom metal here. Death metal in the middle tempo is interspersed with slow passages, flavoured only with guitar solos (no violins, flutes, let alone keyboards in BIGOTRY’s music at that time) and purely murmuroid vocals. If someone made a similar record today, they would be described as a lunatic and a hardcore retrophile, yet, knowing that these are thirty-year-old songs, one can really enjoy listening to them - and perhaps say how naive but honest it all was at the time. 

The band’s further journey continued under the name DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY. The name change did not result from misunderstanding, nor was there any personnel change, the band simply moved their message elsewhere and the guys realized that the name BIGOTRY was less and less in line with the content of their lyrics, dominated by human tragedy.

The first CD release of “Step To The Grave” happened in June 2017 on label Pařát Productions, when it became part of the digipak reissue of “Lamentations Of Innocents”, the first demo of DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY. The digipak was sold out since 2019 and I thought of putting out “Step To The Grave” on CD separately for the first time. In April 2023, exactly 30 years after the original cassette release.

Enjoy this trip to the Czech metal history with the original sound of the recording, which should be approached in no other way than as the record of the period.

BIGOTRY - Step To The Grave (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: PP110

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