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After many years of silence, Italian dark scene legends CULTUS SANGUINE are back, full of strength and inspiration, and with skills that have become perfectly honed. Their return presents dark metal at its purest, distilled into a deeper, darker, and doomier form.


Entitled "Dust Once Alive", the new album tells about the tragedy of the gray and mundane life, trudging along from day to day and approaching a sad ending. Signs, goals, and trail lights are no more than false illusions for these ultimately meaningless lives.


The recording was made at ADSR Studio by sound engineer Carlo Meroni, who’s known for working with many bands in the Italian extreme scene and is a master of his craft. The album’s mastering took place at the Moonhouse studio in Milan.


The release comes in a stylish four-page digipak with a booklet to complement the aesthetic pleasure of the dark art of CULTUS SANGUINE.



1. Facing Vulture Season

2. Dust Once Alive

3. Sister Solitude Saves

4. Delusion Grandeur

5. Forgiving is Human

6. The Greatest of Nothing

7. An Uncried Funeral

8. Gli Uomini Vuoti

9. Days Fall From Life

CULTUS SANGUINE - Dust Once Alive (CD Digipack)

SKU: BMM. 100-23

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