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Digisleeve double CD.


Originally released on Vendlus Records in 2006 and long out of print, David Galas' debut solo album stands out as a blueprint for the whole prolific body of work released since by the Michigan-based musician and songwriter.

While his work with iconic darkwave band LYCIA is clearly imprinted in the resigned and contemplative pace of many of the songs, "The Cataclysm" gave from the onset a clear indication of what David's inner world is made of and how it translates in music. A relentless flow of songs full of doom and beauty, fueled by a bleak contempt for the human experience.

This reissue includes the original album newly remastered in 24bit (CD I) and bonus tracks and outtakes (CD II) from the original sessions, so far only available digitally on David's bandcamp itself.

DAVID GALAS - The Cataclysm | 2024 Remaster (2CD)

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