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Hailing from Sweden, DEBER are a funeral doom metal band consisting of two members from high-profile bands: DIE (Anguish, Ondskapt) and HCF (Avksy, Acolytes of Moros). They formed in 2020 when the pandemic broke out, and their main reason for forming DEBER was to create something even darker and denser than their previous bands - achieving this by going slow, and going full-on funeral doom.

Indeed, they accomplish that - and MORE, going slower and deeper - with their monolithic debut album, Aspire to Affliction. Aptly titled, Aspire to Affliction doesn't aspire to recreate the wheel; rather, DEBER aspire to create traditional funeral doom in the mold of masters Evoken, Worship, Skepticism, and Colosseum among others. Indeed, with DIE in charge of strings and organ while HCF handles drums and vocals, DEBER's focused onslaught of sound retains a single-minded focus, but equally shows no shortage of imagination, as the organ work, in particular, evinces an especially inspired creepiness and centuries-old aura.

Recorded between May 2020 and July of 2021, DEBER brought to life/death Aspire to Affliction wholly inspired by the glimmering city lights full of miserable conditions as seen from the woods of Uppsala, where the album was recorded. Those sensations are writ large here, for your imminent imbibement and ruination: this is music for your funeral. 

DEBER - Aspire To Affliction (CD Jewel Case)


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