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Originally self-released in early 2020 on limited cassette tape, this sophomore full-length from HALLOWED BUTCHERY is finally getting an official release.

The album was expertly remastered at Priory Recording Studios by Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC fame. Additionally, the album artwork was painstakingly revamped for this official release. Housed in a digipak, the CD release includes two booklets. One of the booklets contains the lyrics and credits, while the other booklet contains The Consecrated Tenets of The Church of the Final Pilgrimage in their entirety, with corresponding imagery. This is the way HALLOWED BUTCHERY had originally envisioned DEATHSONGS to be released, so it is with great excitement that it is finally seeing the light-of-day.

The album features 6 songs (with a 38 minute runtime) of experimental funeral doom metal, inspired by Ryan Fairfield's (HALLOWED BUTCHERY) experience living with a rural death-cult. Not recommended to those that like their music straightforward, DEATHSONGS interweaves funeral doom with industrial, neo-folk, and synthesizers. Recommended to fans of: ESOTERIC, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, CURRENT 93, GODFLESH, and SWANS.

HALLOWED BUTCHERY - Deathsongs... (CD Digipack)


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