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The second album from the extraordinary Ukrainian band which started its way from the experiments with funeral doom metal and received a unique for the local scene musical and psychological experience. This time Narrow House goes for fusion of different subgenres of doom metal and other musical styles. Living choirs, saxophone, cello and contrabass were employed for “Thanathonaut” recording bringing individual sound and uniqueness to Narrow House music. The main theme of the album is war and nuclear weapons; otherwise the work continues the study of man inner world and its self-destruction which has been started earlier. The cover to symphonic doom death metal band Virgin Black with Russian lyrics presented in the album is also worth mentioning. Recording and mastering of the album were performed at the studio of famous sound producer Max Morton who also appeared as guest musician with bass parties. Another guest musician is a vocalist of Ukrainian band I Miss My Death. The album artwork is crafted by French photographer and artist Christophe Dessaigne whose works appear on covers of books by Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Margaret Atwood and other famous writers. To conclude, «Thanathonaut» is a solid conceptual material with original appearance distinguishing the band Narrow House among others at the CIS metal scene.




1 Crossroads 4:19
2 The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life 3:26
3 Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility 2:32
4 The Midwife To Sorrows 5:04
5 Thanathonaut 5:08
6 A Sad Scream Of Silver 3:31
7 Crushing The Old Empire 2:59
8 The Last Retreat 3:50
9 Doom Over Valiria 2:08
10 Возрождение 7:12

NARROWHOUSE - Thanathonaut (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: BMM067-14

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