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An album of soaring atmospheric & emotional metal from Italy's Novembre


The seeds of Novembre were originally planted in September 1990 in Rome, Italy by the brothers Carmelo Orlando (guitars and vocals) and Giuseppe Orlando (drums). Then known as Catacomb, their early recordings of unusual gothic doom metal were to quickly gain the band interest. It was around 1993 that the brothers decided that a name change was in order, and Novembre was born.


Following the success of 2006's debut Peaceville album from Novembre, 'Materia', and on the back of the great acclaim received by the band for its highly successful blend of atmospheric, emotional and progressive rock/metal elements comes the 'The Blue'. 


Featuring an even greater dynamic range - both vocally and musically - and twists of doom/gothic which brings to mind classic bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost & Anathema, Novembre are certain to impress all fans of the genre.


'The Blue' was recorded at Outersound Studios, Italy, by the band and mixed at Finnvox Studios in Finland (Nightwish, Finntroll, HIM).

NOVEMBRE - The Blue (Jewel Case)

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