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OAKMORD is an international Funeral Doom band formed in 2019 (Finland/Germany) by Sami Rautio and Jürgen Fröhling both members of My Shameful.

The sound is Funeral Doom with varied atmospheric passages and even jazz and minimalistic classical influences creating a haunting mix of music, beautiful, yet at the same time very disturbing and extreme in it’s moods.

The new EP “End Of A Dream” by Oakmord brings a subtle but important change to the bands previous release, shifting the style towards a more harsh sound. The themes remain the same, yet are painted with a deeper shade of black than before.
There is still hope, but it is a fleeting hope of an end to it all.

The EP was again recorded in various locations, the drums in M.K. Recording in Bamberg, Germany by Matthias Burgis, and all the rest by Sami Rautio in various locations in Finland. It is mixed and mastered by Sami Rautio.
There is no hope.

OAKMORD - End Of A Dream (EP Digipack)


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