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The debut album by the Polish band Painthing that has been recorded after many years of professional activity and a number of gigs. This is a verified depressive doom death metal in vein of the golden age of the style in 1990s. The original combination of depressive mood with catchy melodies and heaviness is complemented by the disc design made by Michal "Xaay" Loranc (known for working with Nile, Behemoth and other bands).




1 Between 8:27
2 Widow And The King 7:37
3 Buzz And Madness 6:51
4 The Shell I Live In 7:58
5 Psychosis 4:48 7:51
6 Only Death Will Divide Us 5:59
7 To Live Is To Fight 7:53
8 So Be It 3:42

PAINTHING - Where Are You Now...? (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP139-18

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