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A lengthy and joyless lockdown; the ghost of Ennio Morricone; the soundtrack of videogames endlessly played; an unfulfilled need for connection; an acute awareness of the futility of it all...

Those are some of the ingredients that have led to the creation of 'Closer to God', the sixth studio album of Pantheïst. Inspired by strange moods during the pandemic lockdown, Kostas gathered an international line-up of talented musicians spread over three countries and two continents (who needs physical proximity at times of social distancing?).

What started as an idea to record a single lengthy track in the vein of Skepticism's 'Aes', the efforts quickly escalated into the creation of a symphonic full-length album, consisting of four epic, diverse movements.

These four tracks of cinematic funereal doom demonstrate a newfound balance after the bombastic 'Seeking Infinity' album in 2018. Blending in elements which will be familiar to those who have been following the band over the years, 'Closer to God' carries as much ambition as it does indifference for the sorry state of the world.

The album promises to push further the envelop in the funeral doom genre fearlessly incorporating elements of post rock, ambient, subtle prog textures and symphonic instrumental parts!

PANTHEIST - Closer to God (CD Digipack)

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