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CD Digipack, released by Meuse Music Records


For this album RIse To the sky gathers an international team which includes:

Sergio Gonzalez Catalan (Rise to the Sky, Winds of Tragedy) from Chile, on Vocals/Strings/Synths
Emidio Alexandre Ramos (Adamantine, Colosso and Dark Oath) from Portugal, on Drums
Filippos Kolipanos (Ocean of Grief, On Thorns I Lay) from Greece on Production, Mix/Master
Cover was made by Artist/Photographer Natialia Deprina and the artwork and booklets by designer Lenore (AniArtworks).

"But strew his ashes to the wind
Whose sword or voice has served mankind,
And is he dead, whose glorious mind
Lifts thine on high?
To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die."

Thomas Campbell - Hallowed Ground (1825)

RISE TO THE SKY - Every Day, A Funeral (CD Digipack)


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