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Recorded in 2008 at D-Studio in Nurmijärvi, Finland, Skepticism’s fourth album “Alloy” features their trade-mark stage-shaking pedal organ sound, washing everything in a pall of gloom. Funeral Doom at it’s most solemn procession, the towering rumble of the organ and the deep guitar tones on “Alloy” are what one reviewer referred to as blacker than a “cathedral at midnight.” Sparkling with detail and invention, “Alloy” is now considered a modern classic of a style that Skepticism now arguably owns, in a large grave-plot all to themselves.


Recorded back in the autumn 1998, “live” in one take, “Aes” is a singular 30 minute composition, which sees the minimal and interconnected spirit of Skepticism’s slow march come to the fore. Together as a collectors item, this beautifully encased vessel of hallowed tomb-hymns, is the perfect accompaniment to current grim times. Put this record on your vinyl deck and let the slow decay of death be a beautiful rite to enjoy.




The Arrival
March October
The Curtain
Oars in the Dusk

SKEPTICISM - Alloy + Aes (CD Jewel Case)

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