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After some trials and tribulations -not in the least because of delays caused by the pandemic- Towards Atlantis Lights are now ready to unleash their second album ‘When the Ashes Devoured the Sun’.

"When the Ashes…" still features the same mysterious arcane themes, this time focusing on little known civilizations such as the Minoans and the forgotten Pelasgians. However, it is a much more brutal affair than the first album, with a suitably direct production and a strong emphasis on Ivan’s unique leads and riffs. The vocals are even more brutal than in the debut album, adding a strong epic feel at times, while both the bass and drums are more pronounced and clearer present in the mix, giving the album a decisive extreme metal sound.


Ivan Zara- guitars
Ivano Olivieri- drums
Kostas Panagiotou- vocals, keyboards
Riccardo Veronese- bass

TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS - When the Ashes... (CD Digipack)

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