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Available as black or blue marble vinyl.


URZA is a Funeral / Death Doom metal band born in 2015 in the vastness of urban Berlin (Germany).
The sound is a balanced crossing of death/doom with funeral doom atmospherics while the themes are apocalypse, nihilism, denial and death.

CALLIOPHIS is a Death Doom Metal band from Leipzig (Germany).
This is doom death metal of the highest standard, cruel and loud, but not devoid of a share of atmosphere, and, most important, individuality and unique mood.

With 'Dawn Of A Lifeless Age', two of Germany's underground Funeral/Death Doom bands unite for the first time to release four all-new songs that highlight their most recent creative endeavors.

URZA perform their first two songs featuring new guitarist Stefan.
While "Maunder Minimum" is a crawling beast that heralds the beginning of a new ice age, "Through Ages of Colossal Embitterment" transforms into Death Doom more quickly, symbolizing a furious human soul that is alienated from the outside world.

CALLIOPHIS continues down their dark and sorrowful path, delving further into the realm of slow Death Doom Metal. The band opens the next chapter in its musical career with these new songs, carrying on from their previous release, 'Liquid Darkness'. The focus of "Trepak" and "Endure Your Depression" is an intense atmosphere where epic melodies collide with dark soundscapes and heavy guitars.
Together with eerie growls and an intense rhythm section, Calliophis charted the course for their upcoming full-length album. 

URZA/CALLIOPHIS - Dawn Of A Lifeless Age (Split LP)

Colour vinyl

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