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The debut album of the project founded by members of famous Swedish band Nox Aurea featuring clean vocals by Johan Ericson (Draconian, Doom:VS and Shadowgarden).«As All Torn Asunder» is 70 minutes of refined melodic doom death metal carefully composed by professional musicians who put their souls into every part of this masterpiece from arrangements to powerful sound.This album is the best present to fans of modern doom death metal in the vein of Nox Aurea and Ablaze In Hatred, as well as to fans of Swallow The Sun and Draconian!


1 Embrace Her Pain 7:28
2 The Sorrow Within 11:41
3 A Portrait Of The Dying 7:15
4 Mourning Of The Sun 8:43
5 Solaris 1:15
6 Her Lost Life 9:00
7 In Silence I Conceal The Pain 7:45
8 As All Torn Asunder 13:02
9 Outro: Tears 3:56

WHEN NOTHING REMAINS - As All Torn Asunder (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP. 056-12

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