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412 pages, heavy duty hardcover jacket with golden foil stamping.


The official and authorised Amorphis biography finally in an English translation! 


The book follows the band from their early days as one of Finland's most essential death metal bands, to their pioneering work integrating doom, folk and progressive strains, creating milestones such as 'Tales from the Thousand Lakes', 'Black Winter Day' and 'Elegy', and onward as they become one of Finland's most successful heavy metal bands, never losing their sense of atmosphere despite embracing more melodic influences.


Markus Laakso's bestselling biography paints a detailed portrait of the ascent of Amorphis and the story is recounted in a lively fashion not only by the band's current and past members, as well as their many collaborators from over the years.


The book has been translated into English by Katri Mäkinen (The Devil's Cradle), and is published here as a limited hardcover edition.

AMORPHIS - Official Biography (Hardback Book)

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