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Available as double black (100) or gold (200) vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Black polylined inner sleeve and pvc protection.


The latest delivery, first released in 2021, "Despartire" is the 6th studio effort from the Romanian atmospheric funeral doom piece Clouds. Fully established in their home country after many line up changes and recognized as one of the leading acts of the genre, Clouds is the main band from composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Daniel Neagoe, who is also in charge of cover art.


For the first time on vinyl, Despartire includes vocal collaboration from long time friend and support live act Mihu (Abigail), as well as legend Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride) and Mick Moss (Antimatter).





Deepen This Wound

This Heart, A Coffin (feat. Mick Moss)



Your Name In My Flesh

In Both Our Worlds The Pain Is Real (feat Aaron Stainthorpe​)



The Door We Never Opened (feat Mihu)

A Place For All Your Tears

See The Sky With Blind Eyes

CLOUDS - Despartire (2LP Gatefold)

Colour vinyl

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