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Available as marble (300) or black (200) triple LP on a trifold sleeve + insert. Remastered for vinyl by Greg Chandler on Spring 2021.


Ten years after the initial release by Season of Mist and for the first time unveiled as conceived by the band in the shape of a triple LP, ‘Paragon of Dissonance‘ was Esoteric´s sixth full length album. This monstrous album is the follow up to ‘The Maniacal Vale’ and bears the band’s unique view of funeral doom metal. As the title suggests, it is an intense experience full of distorted riffs and devastating soundscapes.


Band would say :“After being out of print for many years now, Esoteric are really pleased to announce that our sixth album, Paragon of Dissonance will be re-issued on triple gatefold 3LP by the Vinyl Division. With the album now spread across 3 LP’s, new layout from the original artwork made by Mauro Berchi and a re-master for vinyl completed by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, the focus is on getting as high a quality re-release as possible




SIDE A: Abandonment (13:34)

SIDE B:  Loss of Will (07:07) + Cipher (9:23)

SIDE C:  Non Being (15:32)

SIDE D:  Aberration (15:48)

SIDE E:  Disconsolate (15:35)

SIDE F:  A Torrent of Ills (13:38)

ESOTERIC - Paragon Of Dissonance (3LP)

Colour vinyl

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