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Solid gold double vinyl, limited to 200 units.


The third album by the leaders of the Spanish doom death metal scene Evadne. After the strong success of the previous album "The Shortest Way" (2012) supported by the mini-album "Dethroned Of Light" (2014), the musicians are back with their new full-length work. The impeccable accuracy of the compositions together with the musicians skill give rise to an attractive melodic, atmospheric, soul-touching material. Heavy guitars, keyboards, and growl performance in combination with parties of pure vocals, make the music of Evadne diverse, emotional and fascinating. Listening to "A Mother Named Death" forces you to uncover your feelings every time.


1 Abode Of Distress 
2 Scars That Bleed Again 
3 Morningstar Song 
4 Heirs Of Sorrow 
5 Colossal 
6 88.6 
7 Black Womb Of Light 
8 The Mourn Of The Oceans

EVADNE - A Mother Named Death (2LP Gold)

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