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EvnaR was first conceived in the minds of blood brothers J.M (guitars) and R.M (vocals) from Spanish Black Metal Band Between The Frost in early 90s, and taken up after the vocalist left the group in 2010. From that moment, the brothers  resumed the feeling from early days and started to write new music for EvnaR. As they decide to capture this work into a full length album, they recruite Slovenian drummer Robert Kovačič, an old friend and recognised extreme metal musician known for his work with bands such as Scaffold, Belphegor or Nothnegal.


After two years and a great deal of work, EvnaR give shape to eight tracks of raw Blackened  Death Metal in the vein of bands like Behemoth, God Dethroned, Belphegor or Vader. Technique, speed and class at their best.


Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.



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