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Available as double black or gold splatter vinyl.


Neither of us at could believe the quality and flair oozing from the demo of that obscure, completely unknown band. Working for a known metal subgenre review site makes you the target of very variable quality demos and albums. And these young guys from Chile really stuck out like a sore thumb.


These words from Kostas Panagiotu (Pantheist) are a clear example of the respected legacy the Chilean doom metal outfit Mar de Grises left behind. With a transverse aesthetic in music genres, and using the words from some of the most romantic poetry of their home country, the no fashion-effort of Mar de Grises broke the barriers of distance and prejudice and helped giving Chile worldwide recognition in the doom and avant-garde metal scene.


Their 2004 debut album The Tatterdemalion Express (Firebox Records) shows a hungry band that by no means played by the genre’s rules, combining diverse styles in order to create an inviting and unique trip through their deepest and most intense feelings: the bitter taste of Doom and the roughness of Death Metal intermingle together with the delicate sensibility of Post Rock and the versatility and dynamics of progressive symphonic metal, culminating in a chimera of their own. Unique and graceful soundscapes are introduced as yet another of the trademarks in their musical language which help to create exceptional and vibrant film-esque moods, where moving emotions emerge from overwhelming atmospheres.


In 2020 The Vinyl Division proudly releases TTE on double gatefold vinyl, with remastered vinyl audio by Jaime Gómez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Ulver, Ghost, etc.) plus an insert with detailed liner notes by the former band members plus fellow musicians and friends from all around the globe and a revamped layout by Irene Serrano (Déhà, Yossi Sassi, Helevorn, Jens Bogren, Rotting Christ, Devin Townsend, Pain of Salvation, etc.).




1. ...El Otro
2. To See Saturn Fall
3. Storm
4. Recklessness
5. Be Welcome Oh Hideous Hell 6. Self Portrait N.1
7. Onírica

MAR DE GRISES - The Tatterdemalion Express (2LP Gatefold)


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