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Revelation from this Belgian band with their debut album “Broken Leaf”! The first album of MY LAMENT consists of eight powerful, perfectly recorded songs, which have a balance between cruelty of ATARAXIE and melodic lines of OFFICIUM TRISTE and SATURNUS. Brilliant playing skills of the musicians with great sound separate MY LAMENT from a lot of modern bands in this style, and put their music on same line with the famous bands of doom death metal scene!




1 Broken Leaf (Intro)
2 Shepherd Of Sorrow
3 Silent Nights
4 My Damnation Deep
5 The Soilseeker
6 Her Dark Smile
7 The Burden Of Doubt
8 Vilest Of Men

MY LAMENT - Broken Leaf (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP028-09

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