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6 panel digipack limited to 200 pressings.


Listen full album HERE


MY LAMENT is a doom/death metal band from Antwerp, Belgium. Since its genesis in 2002, the core line-up has remained the same: founding members Steph (bass) and Vincent (drums), soon joined by Paul on guitar. Additional guitars, synths and vocals were supplied by various members throughout the years, with a debut demo titled “Beneath the Hidden” coming out in 2006.


After two successful releases, “Broken Leaf” (2009, Solitude Productions) and “Sorrow” (2015), the band have honed their underground roots into a more accessible sound with an emphasis on concise songwriting and memorable melodies.


The upcoming new album “The Season Came Undone” reflects the band’s ambition to reach a wider audience without giving up their doom/death heritage. With unique vocal harmonies, soaring leads, a pounding rhythm section and thoughtful lyrics, MY LAMENT has matured into a forward-thinking foursome that doesn’t sound quite like any other band.


Recorded and mixed by Lander Cluyse at Hearse Studio
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios






1. Everything Goes to Waste
2. My Mausoleum
3. Fallacy
4. Like Fallen Rain
5. Oh, Fall
6. Dying of the Light
7. Like Something Almost Being Said (Instrumental)
8. November
9. Life Will Be the Death of Me (2023 Remaster)

MY LAMENT - The Season Came Undone (CD Digipack)


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