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After the big success of “Futile” in 1999, Rapture released the sophomore “Songs For The Withering”, following the path traced two years.


Austin Lunn from Panopticon would say on the album: “This album is for me, the joy and comfort in melancholy... The bittersweet sound track to autumn, the echoes of rainy days... Nostalgic yet relevant but above all, an honest and relatable glimpse into human sorrow.  It is a warm but wet blanket, reminding me of worse days and how I fucking made it through: One foot in front of the other, consoled by the honest and exposing lyrics, powerful melodies and crushing drums of Rapture’s unsung masterpiece. Before the last breath, inhaling. Before the final death, to exhale and never let hope die that I would one day conquer the great distance.”



1. Nameless
2. Gallows
3. Two Dead names
4. Transfixion (…For The Butterflies Of Joy)
5. The Vast
6. Raintracks

7. Enveloped

8. The Great Distance

9. Farewell

RAPTURE - Songs For The Withering (2LP White)

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