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Soijl is a special project established by Swedish multi-instrumentalist Mattias Svensson (Saturnus, Istapp, Vanmakt, Nidrike) many years ago, however, only in late 2014 the band started recording the official 3-song demo. The songs received positive response among fans of doom music and the band continued to work with enthusiasm over the other tracks. The album is called «Endless Elysian Fields» and contains seven songs lasting for a total of about an hour and stylistically tending to atmospheric doom death metal. According to the band members, these are "7 tracks full of total despair and fear", as the lyrics of the album tell mostly about people with suicidal tendencies and what is going on in their heads.The disc comes with a luxurious 20-page booklet. The package design is crafted by well-known designer and photographer Roman Fireplace (Wine From Tears, Mare Infinitum, Aut Mori).




1 Endless Elysian Fields 7:42
2 Dying Kinship 8:04
3 Swan Song 7:28
4 The Formation Of A Black Nightsky 7:21
5 Drifter, Trickster 8:13
6 The Cosmic Cold 9:15
7 The Shattering 9:13

SOIJL - Endless Elysian Fields (CD Jewel Case)

SKU: SP109-15

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